Glass-fiber reinforced concrete or G.F.R.C, also referred to as G.R.C., is a cement mixture that also contains alkali resistant glass fibers. The use of alkali resistant glass fibers is the industry standard for G.F.R.C. as it demonstrates higher resistance to environmental deterioration and strength retention than the less expensive E-glass glass-fibers, which are used in polyester resins and gypsum.

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Benefits of G.F.R.C.
1. Using fiber reinforcement yields a higher strength to weight ratio than unreinforced precast concrete. As a result, the product is durable and lighter in weight, which significantly reduces the cost of freight transportation and installation.

2. The fiber-wrapped skin is more resistant to environmental degradation and corrosion under the attack of chemicals.

3. Easily adapts to any shape of the concrete allowing flexibility in design.

4. An environmentally friendly composite made of natural raw materials with low energy consumption.

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