Before costs and tempers get out of hand, it's best to keep lines of communications open with those directly contracted to do your work. Now is a good time to review contract documents, including proposals, drawings, specifications, fresh concrete test results and photographs taken during the project. The intent here is to clarify what was agreed to in terms of the final product and possibly any warranty. If major questions go unanswered, it may be prudent to bring in an objective construction practitioner to assess the problem.

Hopefully, any problem you are involved with will be quickly identified and resolved. However, some issues may require testing of the hardened concrete so you can identify the cause before conducting repairs. Otherwise, your repair efforts may not directly address the problem. There are several hardened concrete tests frequently used to examine concrete strength and durability. Be aware, however, that the costs of testing can be high. For instance, a typical driveway may cost $4,000 to $7,000 to install in most parts of the country. The costs to conduct visual examinations, secure samples, perform lab tests and produce a report can add up and may even approach the cost of replacing the driveway. The costs for testing will vary across the country and with the quantity of samples examined.

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