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ArtistiCrete LLC in Noblesville, IN

Stenciling can be a great alternative to decorative stamping while permitting similar design flexibility. Here are some of the chief advantages:

  • Stenciling is easy for a novice to accomplish successfully. Nearly any competent concrete finisher can turn out a passable job the first time out.

  • The stencils are disposable, so contractors can offer customers the pattern of their choice without investing in a new set of expensive tools. The contractor simply buys a roll of the desired pattern and absorbs the entire cost into that job. Stencil price will vary with the manufacturer, but on average the cost is about $350 roll.

  • Virtually any good concrete flatwork mix will work with stencils. The stenciled joints are not pushed down into the slab, so they are not affected by aggregate size or shape.

  • Stenciling is a fast process because all of the work can be done from outside the forms with long-handled tools. This means crews can pour larger areas at one time because they can begin working in the stencil without having to wait until the concrete sets enough to bear their weight.

  • Stenciling produces a flatter surface profile than some stamped concrete patterns because the joint indentations aren't as deep. The effects are still realistic, but the elevation between high and low points isn't as noticeable. This flatter surface can aid in snow removal because it causes less interference with the blade of a shovel.

ArtistiCrete LLC in Noblesville, IN ArtistiCrete LLC in Noblesville, IN

Although stenciling offers many advantages, there are a few drawbacks. Because the stencils are die-cut, there can be a noticeable repetition in the pattern, especially when covering a large area. In addition, there are fewer stencil patterns to choose from than stamp patterns. However, the most popular brick, stone and tile designs are represented.

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