Of course, you don't have to use a standard sink mold. You can get custom molds from most of the companies that have manufactured molds or you can make your own.

A new option in sink molds is PreiTech which creates single-use molds in expanded polystyrene (EPS). "We have a custom shop so we can make just about anything anyone wants," said PreiTech's Michael Eastergard. "We have some standard shapes: a slope sink, a wave sink, an ellipse, an oval. But you could take an oval and make it more shallow to give it a more contemporary look."

PreiTech's molds have a very slick plastic coating that results in a very smooth finished surface. "To see the sinks come out of the mold, you would think they had already been polished and sealed," said Doug Bannister with The Stamp Store. Both Bannister and Bob Harris at the Decorative Concrete Institute have been experimenting with PreiTech molds. "This is going to become the material of choice," said Eastergard, "it puts you way ahead from a polishing viewpoint and it's so simple to use."

Another source of custom molds is Streamline Automation who supplies equipment for making custom molds. With Streamline's equipment—controlled foam carving systems (or the FROG 3D as they refer to it)—you can create anything in foam that you can imagine or can scan any solid object to create a digital model. The digital model can be scaled up or down, stretched or compressed. They then create a positive model leading to a negative mold. Remember that you always have to think in terms of a negative to get your positive countertop to turn out the way you envision it.

Custom scanned and machined molds can be created using modern foam milling machines. Streamline Automation.

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