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Characteristics of a Colonial Style HomeColonial homes are stately and symmetrical, with prominent central entryways balanced by identical window arrangements on either side. They are typically rectangular in shape with a floor plan built around the central entry hall. The front door is often enhanced by pillars or columns on each side, sometimes extending up two stories. The exterior siding is usually traditional brick or wood.

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Concrete Design Ideas

  • Decorative concrete can be used to great effect to maximize the grandeur of this classic home style and its central entryway.

  • Install a stamped concrete walkway or stairway leading up to the home.

  • Use architectural cast concrete for columns or decorative molding around the doorway.

  • For the driveway, consider engraving or stamping concrete with a circular pattern that offsets the boxy home shape.

  • Indoors, add drama to the entry hall by installing a concrete floor or concrete overlay stained to look like marble. The floor will immediately impress all who enter while providing an easy to maintain surface that can stand up to heavy foot traffic.

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