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Engrave-a-Crete, Bradenton, FL.

Any brick, tile or cobblestones patterns you have engraved in your concrete will stay for the life of the concrete surface. It is not like an actual brick that may break. It has been engraved into the concrete, it is part of the concrete itself.

Routine MaintenanceConcrete engraving uses special tools and equipment to cut brick, tile or cobblestone patterns into hardened concrete. Unlike toppings or overlays, engraving is permanent and won't wear away or lose bond. The cut patterns will remain for the life of the surface. Little routine maintenance is required, other than occasional cleaning (see procedures for plain concrete).

Special Care RequirementsOften engraved surfaces are stained to add color. Follow the same periodic sealing recommendations given for stained concrete to enhance the color and protect the surface from deicing chemicals and oil and grease stains.

The color change over time with concrete stains is hard to predict and it is not a perfect science (many times a color actually becomes darker). This is not meant to be a negative, instead it is much like worn brick or other paving materials, they age. Often this creates an even more appreciated look.

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