Concrete Interiors in Martinez, CA

Costs can vary widely for architectural concrete accents, depending on the degree of customization required. More complex designs require more time to create which can be very costly.

ACW fabricates custom molds for most of its products, sculpting the desired profile in wood, foam, plaster or plastic and then casting the shape in rubber molds into which they pour the concrete. However, the company also carries an inventory of standard pieces for projects with limited budgets. "Many times a custom profile is specified, but during value engineering it is changed to a standard stock profile that costs less," says Steve Silberman of ACW.

For a full custom project, expect to pay extra for preparation of shop drawings and moldmaking, in addition to the basic costs of casting and delivering the final product. To achieve greater economy, balance the needs of a project with the degree of custom shapes needed, opting for standard stock shapes or semi-custom pieces, when possible. This will not only cut costs, but also streamline production and shorten delivery times.

The quantity of pieces ordered can also affect the price. "If the customer orders only a few pieces, they can be very costly to produce. The cost goes down dramatically if a greater quantity is ordered," Silberman notes.

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