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Cost of Installing a Tennis Court

A well-constructed, properly maintained concrete court can provide decades of recreational enjoyment. But you'll have to pay to play. The cost of a regulation-size post-tensioned concrete tennis court with a cushioned surface can be double that of an equivalent asphalt court. "The basic asphalt court starts at about $40,000 to $45,000, with the average price probably in the mid $50s to low $60s. For a post-tensioned court, you'll pay in the low $100,000 range," says Kolkmann.

Munson Inc.
Munson Inc.

Your final tally for a play court depends on a number of variables, according to ASBA, including the condition and accessibility of the site, the type of surfacing system applied, and any accessories and amenities such as landscaping, fencing, a spectator area, and lighting for night play.

Munson Inc.
Munson Inc.

Although Kolkmann admits that concrete courts cost substantially more initially than asphalt, an asphalt surface often requires more frequent and costly upkeep over its lifespan to repair cracking and settling. "Through our own recordkeeping, we estimate that an asphalt court will be unavailable for play, due to repairs being made, for about 100 days over a 20-year period," he says. "During this same time, a post-tensioned slab would be down for about 20 days. In our climate in the upper Midwest, repairs can only be done in the summer, when everyone wants to play. For a private court, the downtime may not be as crucial. But for a club, it can be a substantial unknown cost in lost revenue."

If you're on a budget, there are ways you can cut back on your expenditure for a concrete court without compromising quality, such as opting for a hard court rather than cushioned surface or holding off on the installation of fencing and landscaping.

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