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Bad Concrete Causes Decorative Disaster

After the first winter, which was mild for the central Midwest, the decorative surface of the deck started to peel and chip away. In some large areas, the surface came off completely, down to the aggregate. I did not apply deicing salts, and no water was...

Spalled Concrete Driveway - How to Fix It

What caused this surface failure on my integrally colored concrete driveway, and what can I do to repair it? The driveway is 6 years old and 1,000 square feet in size, but only a few hundred square feet directly in front of the garage doors show signs of...

Spalled Concrete in a New Driveway

I had a new driveway installed last fall, and the following spring the surface began to flake away in some areas. The driveway isn't even a year old. Why is this happening?

Shrinkage Cracking and Spalling on Stamped Concrete

A gray-colored stamped concrete driveway was poured for a front entrance to a motel. The driveway is exposed to a cold climate and developed etching, cracking, and minor spalling within a year. No deicing salts were used. What could be the causes?

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