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Time: 04:28

When your planning on staining a concrete floor you often need to deal with uneven concrete. Applying a self-leveling concrete overlay or underlayment levels the floor. These products usually require a primer. This product is easy to install. One the self-leveling mix has cured for 10 – 15 minutes you should trowel the edges to a feathered edge so you don't see the edge of the surface on your final colored floor. Uneven concrete occurs when the subsurface (below the concrete) has expansive soils, moisture or high water table, or sub-soil settling. If you still have movement in your slab, then you should order a soils report. Don't spend money on a project that will fail later. To fix this you can use a self-leveling product, raise the entire slab with mud-jacking, or tear out the floor and replace it. Let your self-leveling concrete cure for around 16 hours before applying your microtopping.