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Wood Forms for Concrete Slabs

The most basic forms for concrete slabs (where the concrete will not exceed 6 inches in height) consist of wooden boards that are screwed or nailed to wood or metal stakes. The stakes are driven into the prepared subbase, and by using leveling devices (such as hand levels, laser levels or string lines), contractors set the forming boards to the proper level or slope. Additional boards are then used to secure the areas where one board butts up against another.


Learn about the different sizes of forms, bracing methods and how to properly square your forms. Also discusses the importance of adjusting forms to achieve the proper slope for drainage of the slab surface. Length—3:49

When turns, rounded edges or free-form designs are desired, thinner cross-section boards are used. To keep concrete from sticking to the forms, they are often coated with a low-grade oil, or form-release agent. This also keeps the forms cleaner and allows them to be used multiple times before being discarded.

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