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Kitchen Island, Embedded Aggregate
Concrete Countertops
M Concrete Studios
Dayton, OH Picture of the Week: M Concrete Studios in Dayton, OH
Metallic Countertop
Concrete Decor Studio & Store
Bethlehem, PA
Metallic Sink See how a silver metallic coating was applied to a bathroom vanity sink with a trough basin
Stamped Concrete Pool Deck
Unique Concrete
West Milford, NJ
Colored Pool Decks Get ideas for how color can be used to beautify a pool deck
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Concrete Calculator Calculate slab pours and footing pours.

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Brown Polished Floor, Concrete Polished Floor, Residential Polished Concrete Floor
Concrete Stone Industries
Victoria, Australia
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I-Shine Polishing System
I-Shine Polishing System Make floors sparkle with this polishing system from Innovatech that offers ease of use, speed, economy and tooling quality

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Concrete Information Concrete & Cement Defined
Repairing Concrete Cracks
Patios Information and photos of concrete patios Stamped Concrete Patterns, designs, and installation info for imprinting concrete Countertops Pictures, construction info and design ideas for concrete counters Floors Photos and info about the benefits of concrete flooring Stained Concrete Colors, photos and application techniques for staining concrete

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